Relationship MASTERCLASS!

The Ripple Effect: How Relationships Influence Your Health and Happiness

Watch our pre-recorded zoom to dive deep into healthy self-care, effective communication, and drama-free relationships. Learn how looking after yourself and relationship mastery are intricately intertwined and the affects on your health. Decode how love languages help navigate relationships in challenging times, and discover the art of seeking support without the theatrics.
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Why Should I Take This Course?

Always feeling like you're at the bottom of the list? Ever wondered how your relationships impact your well-being? Having trouble with communication when you're in pain? Join our masterclass, where we reveal the keys to a healthier, happier you and your relationships - because your well-being starts with you!

Topics We Will Cover

  • The Art Of Asking For Help
  • State Of Self-Care
  • The Art Of Delayed Response
  • The 50/50 Concept
  • How Pain & Stress Impacts Tolerance
  • Spilling The Beans On Communication 
  • Decoding Love Languages For Better Communication
  • Making Up Stories
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