We are Dr Kez (Chiropractor) & Em!

The secret to a happy life? Life Balance!

Dr. Kez, Doctor Chiropractic, and her wife Em, are passionate about health, wellbeing and life balance. Being a part of your therapeutic journey is what it's all about! Dr. Kez & Em, based in Watsonia Melbourne, founded and sees clients at their own Chiropractic clinic, Life Balance Adjustments, and Dr Kez has over 20 years experience with babies all the way through to the elderly.
Dr. Kez & Em have a love of therapeutic and homeopathic products that assist the healing process and help us to stay balanced. With such a busy lifestyle and 8 kids (yep! you read correctly!) they know how important this is.
The Dr. Kez ChiroLab product range was created through years of research into natural products including 100% essential oils, minerals, vitamins and herbs and all of the amazing benefits they provide. After many clients giving wonderful feedback, Dr. Kez & Em thought it was time to share these products with the rest of the world!

How the Dr Kez Chirolab community began...

When the first iso/lockdown began in Melbourne in 2020, we were faced with the challenge of helping people with their heath journey from our lounge room.  Dressed in our daggy trackies, we decided to press play on the 'Live' function on Facebook and talk about all things health.  It soon became a daily part of our life.  You can imaging our excitement when people actually started to watch and communicate with us! We have loved every second of the lives and they are so much fun.  We love that we can continue to bring Lives to people and have received amazing and humbling feedback on the effect we are having on peoples lives.  Thank you so much for watching and learning with us!
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